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I am delighted to know that you care enough to visit our website and discover what we stand for and what we do. My passion for this cause was birthed in a desire to serve humanity by bringing healing to women who in turn would build the nations. The cause to protect orphaned and abandoned children naturally emanated from this passion.

The Foundation provides shelter and rehabilitation for abused women and the orphaned children. Our pleasure and delight come from seeing these women healed and reintegrated into the society, to enable them maximize their potentials towards nation building and to see the children grow into responsible citizens of our country and the world at large.

We also have a mandate to teach the society truths about family values and career development. This we do via conferences and seminars which foster the building of healthy personal and family values consequently reducing the rate of abuse of women and children. The “For Girls Only” outreach is another project of the Foundation’s move into secondary schools to educate and counsel the young ladies early enough against abuse and rejection of any kind.

The Foundation continues to fulfill its vision with the support and collaboration of a team of passionate people including employees, volunteers and partners. God has been faithful; helping us to be a blessing even with the little at our disposal.

I challenge you to be a part of this vision!

I can only appreciate you, but God will surely reward you.

Adenike Adeyemi, CEO 

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  • Life Skilling Training Life Skilling Training The Life Skills Training for women was initiated to train women on family values and vocations which can be used to easily earn an income for them.
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  • Peace Villa (Rehabiliation) Peace Villa (Rehabiliation) Vision - "Rehabilitation and empowerment of abused ladies | Mission Statement - "To heal and develop abused ladies who will become responsible adults and helpful to others who may experience the same abuse like them in the society" ... Read More
  • Love Home Ophanage Love Home Ophanage Love Home Orphanage was officially opened to the public in December 2005. Since inception, we have had cases of children brought into Love Home Orphanage malnourished and almost at the point of death but God always prove himself faithful.
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  • Real Woman Seminar Real Woman Seminar The Real Woman Seminar is a quarterly programme featuring real people discussing real issues affecting the society ... Read more
  • Real Woman Media Real Woman Media By the grace of God, in October 2012, we started a TV programme tagged "Real Woman with Nike Adeyemi", and it is now reaching millions of people all over the world with the message of compassion, healing and hope to women and children alike. It is aired on several TV stations ... View TV Listings
  • For Girls Only For Girls Only The thrust of this project is counseling for the girls in secondary schools and was borne out of concern about the moral decadence of this present generation. The Foundation started this project in February 2005. Our aim is to re-direct and re-position these girls ... Read More
  • Other Humanitarian Services Other Humanitarian Services Together with the services we offer through other subsidaries, we also reach out to some other Homes and Orphanages to donate gift items. Individuals and families have also benefited from the Foundation in terms of cash and kind.

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